Environmentally Friendly Protective Materials

The Cross-Guard division of Anti Slip Solutions Ltd. produces a specialist range of materials comprising of a protective coating, water & vapour proof membrane and an underlayment. These products are designed to enhance, protect and resurface existing structures composed of most modern building materials.

Crosscote protective coating is micro porous and allows vapour permeable substrates to breath whilst at the same time has excellent water proofing characteristics and is ideal for protecting the facades of a variety of structures. When applied to horizontal surfaces it has good wear resistant properties and can provide excellent slip resistance. As an anti slip surface it is suitable to receive both vehicular and foot traffic.

Crosscote Membrane is primarily designed for water containment as a secondary layer finished with suitable wear resistant surfaces but also has excellent protective qualities for concrete when used in agriculture where it offers excellent protection from silage attack.

Polyscreed is a hard wearing underlayment system primarily used to resurface or reform concrete prior to the application of a final finish but as a foot trafficked floor surface it also offers good slip resistance.

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